Congratulations to Columbia, MO for taking an important step towards protecting the rights of families to make personal decisions about their reproductive health without intrusion from their employers. With support from community organizations like NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and Reproaction, the Columbia City Council enacted Bill 321-17, updating the city’s nondiscrimination protections to include pregnancy, childbirth, and other related medical decisions related to familial status. Columbia parents can now make their own reproductive health decisions, including if, when, and how to raise a family, without fear of losing their jobs.

This victory comes just days after the National Institute for Reproductive Health celebrated neighboring city St. Louis on the passage of their Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Ordinance (Board Bill 203).

Columbia and St. Louis are true models for how progressive cities can advance reproductive freedom in their communities by taking a bold stand against the federal government’s regressive, anti-choice agenda and win powerful victories, even when located in one of the country’s most restrictive states for reproductive health, rights, and justice.

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