Cheers to Washington, D.C. for taking steps to protect abortion providers! On November 7, 2017, the D.C. Council introduced the Abortion Provider Nondiscrimination Amendment Act, a bill to protect health care professionals who provide or support abortion from discrimination.

There is a long history of violence against abortion providers across the United States, including many who report hostility and discrimination when their employer finds out that they provide or support abortions. While there are some federal protections in place for abortion providers, the Trump administration has made it clear that it opposes and wants to restrict access to reproductive health care, including their plans to

Abortion providers do incredible work in their communities and deserve support, not threats.

Introduced by six councilmembers, this bill would protect health care professionals who provide abortions, referrals, or information about abortion. It ensures that employees can’t be fired for working a second job at an abortion clinic or for speaking publicly in support of abortion and also prohibits hospitals from denying staff privileges just because an employee is an abortion provider.

No one should be fired or threatened just because they provide or support abortion—and the District of Columbia is boldly working to make that a reality!

To read the full text of the bill, click here.