Congratulations to Pittsburgh for becoming the 13th locality and second one in 2017 to pass a resolution in support of coverage for abortion care! With Councilmember Natalia Rudiak as the lead sponsor, the City Council passed a Will of Council calling for the passage of the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage (EACH Woman) Act in to reinstate abortion coverage in public insurance programs and repeal of Pennsylvania’s ban on abortion coverage in private insurance plans sold through the Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange.

Bans on insurance coverage like the Hyde Amendment have a disproportionate impact on low-income women, women of color, immigrant women, and young women. By taking this bold stand, Pittsburgh demonstrates its commitment to protecting the rights of women everywhere to have access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, in spite of attacks at the federal and state levels. This remarkable effort was led New Voices for Reproductive Justice, a human rights organization dedicated to the health and wellbeing of Black women and women of color in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Join us in celebrating New Voices and the Pittsburgh City Council for working to lift the bans that deny abortion coverage! You can send a tweet congratulating them using the hashtag #BOLDtheBurgh.

To read the Will of Ordinance, click here.

To watch the introduction, testimony, and passage of the Will of Council, click here.